Febrile Infant

Goals and Objectives


  • Resident will be comfortable with initial evaluation and basic management of the febrile infant


  • Resident will be able to describe technique and cut-off values for diagnosing fever in infants
  • Resident will be able to describe when to utilize certain diagnostic tests for febrile infants, including:
    • Urinalysis and culture (including appropriate method of collection)
    • Blood cultures
    • CSF analysis
    • Respiratory viral panels
    • Chest x-ray (limited indications)
  • Resident will describe the indications for, appropriate timing of (relative to diagnostic studies), and choice of agent in antibiotic therapy for febrile infants
  • Resident will name the appropriate disposition for all patients under 28 days of age with fever
  • Resident will describe which febrile children under 60 days may be eligible for discharge
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