Goals and Objectives


  • Resident will be comfortable with initial evaluation and basic management of patients with sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock


  • Resident will be able to define:
    • SIRS criteria
    • Sepsis
    • Severe Sepsis*
    • Septic Shock
  • For patients presenting with sepsis, resident will be able to:
    • List and describe rationale for initial laboratory and radiology testing including screening for:
      • Infectious source
      • Metabolic derangement (including lactate)
      • End-organ damage
    • List and describe indications for early interventions, including:
      • Antibiotics (including type)
      • IV fluids (including quantity)
      • Source control
    • List and describe indications for advanced interventions
      • Vasopressors
      • Inotropes
      • Steroids
      • Blood transfusion
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